CNL Healthcare Properties' portfolio is composed of seniors housing and healthcare investments located across the United States. The REIT's focus is on acquiring and developing a portfolio that generates current distributions while seeking to preserve and grow shareholders' invested capital.1

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All data is as of Aug. 3, 2015, unless otherwise stated.
1 The board of directors will discontinue the stock distribution on Sept. 30, 2015, and will continue to evaluate the cash distribution policy going forward. There is no guarantee of future cash distributions or if distributions will be paid at all. For the six months ended June 30, 2015, approximately 78 percent of cash distributions were covered by operating cash flow and 22 percent were funded by offering proceeds. See the Risk Factors section of this piece and in the prospectus for additional information about the distribution policy.
2 Value add properties are either fully constructed and in the lease-up phase, existing stabilizing properties being repositioned or reinvested in, or existing properties that have fallen below 85 percent occupancy. Assets are labeled stabilized upon the earlier of (a) a property having three recent continuous months of 85 percent or higher occupancy or (b) a two-year period from acquisition or completion of development.
3 CNL Healthcare Properties’ total real estate investment is approximately $2.5 billion of the approximately $2.51 billion collective real estate investment of the REIT and its joint venture partners. Please see the prospectus for details.
4 Average portfolio age is calculated using unweighted property ages or dates of significant renovations to the buildings.